Our 1st Year

It all began with the name...
We originally started this company with the dreams of offering simple anime patches for the airsoft community. We started off with 3 patches, Senpai, NicoNicoDab, and NicoPout. Of course, at the start, we didn't receive too many orders. We branched out to our local store, Airsoft Atlanta, and to online Facebook Groups such as Morale Patch Classifieds and Patch Traders Group. From here, our company started to grow slowly. At first, the profits weren't even enough to continue our promised monthly patches, however, we kept pouring our personal funds into the company as it was our passion and "entertainment".
As our company grew, we knew some changes had to be made. We began to branch our connections out to other companies, such as Oregon Airsoft Arena and SS Airsoft. Eventually, we collaborated with famous celebrities such as Garand Thumb. However, along the way, we encountered many, many issues, specifically with our shipping and inventory systems. Packages would arrive months later, tracking wasn't sometimes provided, and items were sometimes off by 1 or, in rare cases, 40. We apologize to all those who have had bad experiences with our company due to this during our first year. Thus, it's time to change.
Our first year is coming to an end, while the new year is arising. To follow, here are our new years resolutions.
Update Selling Platforms
Swapped over to Shopify to ensure payment completion.
Multiple Shipping Options
Allows sticker only orders to be given the opportunity of tracking.
3 Day Shipping Guarantee
Give us 3 days to ship out your order or else your stuff is free.
Monthly Patch Releases
This time, for real. New patches will be released monthly.
3 Month Restocks
If an item sells out, give us 3 months to have it restocked.
Updated Custom Patch Inquiry Platform
 Submit your custom patch request via our form.
Our first year had tons of problems. Although most of them were minor, they were issues we needed to address and have fixed. As we head into our 2nd year, we thank you all for being part of the ride and giving us the chance to make it all right.
Please, enjoy our coupon below for 20% off your purchase up until February 2nd.
Once again, thank you.